Communications – Tips To Optimise Your Online Strategies Part 2

Communications – Tips To Optimise Your Online Strategies Part 2

Well here we are at part 2, today we cover optimisation tips using every day tools like email, social media and video. We cover another dose of low cost slash free ideas that can really help your online marketing campaign. If you missed yesterday article, check out Part 1 here.

3. Email 

A lot of us have emails of friends, family, acquaintances, new and old customers that we may be sitting there doing nothing. Email is still a very effective way of getting your message out, it’s 1 step away from SMS and not so personal, which can give you a wider audience to send your marketing message to. Email gives you the opportunity to make your messages interesting with photos, videos and links. Email can also give you tracking options so you know what works and what doesn’t work. A big tip when using email is to make sure you make it personal, use people names, businesses and any other important information. Mass email do not get the best response. Here’s a few popular email marketing services which will help you grow your mailing list, check out Mailchimp and AWeber.

Benefits of Email:

  • Cost effective – sending email is free, sometimes it’s worth getting someone to create a professional email template for you
  • Quick response – Email can reach users no matter where they are and what they’re doing
  • Interesting content – As apposed to sms, you can add colour, photos and multimedia to make your email exciting to read
  • Wide audience – get the word out there to thousands instead of just hundreds


4. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+)

We sometimes miss how powerful social media really is, I was speaking to a customer who just 6 months ago told me how he didn’t care about Facebook and how he didn’t have any time for social media, sound like you? Ie asked him to put trust in our recommendations and strategy and within a few months he now loves social media. Why? Because it works, friends, family, customers, workmates and about 11 million other Australian use Facebook.

How does it work? I’ve found that the average Facebook user has about 500 friends, imagine you could spread your message to your 500 friends that would be great! Now lets take it a step further, imagine the 500 friends spread the word to 500 other friends, that would equal a reach of 250,000 friends that had never heard about you previously being introduced to your business. Very powerful!

Today were talking about cost effective ways you can use social media that won’t cost you a cent, but there are several way to expand your marketing, brand and business using social media, get in contact with me for more details.

Just because it’s social media doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be personal, take the time to email each personal friend via the private message options, use your friends name and even though you may use a template, add a little something different for each friend to add that extra personal touch. Using this method takes a little more time, but it is more effective and if you remember the results that can be reaped from this method it will keep you focused on your main marketing goal.

The next method requires you to ask permission from your friends so you don’t get marked as spam or worse lose that friend and your social media accounts. Share your news on friends walls, this can be done by sharing a link from your website or sharing a post about your business with friends.

Final free cheeky method that also requires friends permission is called the “photo tagging promotion”. You pick a great photo or flyer and tag friends who have given you permission and by doing this they get alerted to promotion and so do their friends.

Benefits of Social Media:

  • Cost effective – using social media is free
  • Quick response – connect with friends that you speak to daily about your message
  • Use chat – speak to users who are online and spread your message
  • Go viral – smart marketing campaigns using the right photo or video can go viral (check out the Top 10 best)
  • Huge audience – Get the word out to millions of users


 5. Video (YouTube, Metacafe)

Everyone likes to watch videos on YouTube, but have you ever made a video for your business or marketing campaign? Videos need to be a part of every online strategy, why? because they are one the most effective forms of marketing. The fantastic thing is that you don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get a good video. An easy way of creating a video is using Powerpoint or similar slide software and converting it to video (Microsoft How to article). Video is a great way to get your message out there by sharing your video via sms, email and social media.

Benefits of Video:

  • Small cost – make your own, get a friend to help or outsource
  • Simple Message – get your ideas, specials, offers out through a medium that has been tried and tested in marketing for years
  • Quick response – a successful video with a call to action can see you get a spike in calls or visit to your website
  • Go viral – smart marketing campaigns using the right video can go viral (check out the Top 10 best)
  • Huge audience – Get the word out to millions of users




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