4 Fresh Ways to Think About Targeting on Social

One of our most popular Data & Drinks events brought together a panel of social media experts from a wide variety of industries—eCommerce, SaaS, and emerging tech—to teach attendees fresh ways of thinking about engaging and targeting audiences on social. The experts opened the night by explaining what their main focuses are. Katrina Mentor, Program Specialist at […]

Storytelling on Social Media: How to Do It Better

The most common problem that brands have marketing themselves on social isn’t rooted in product strength or the quality and structure of marketing plans. It’s that we’re failing at the social media storytelling game. We’re not answering these questions clearly and specifically: Who is my “built for you”? Who is my audience? How do I […]

8 Competitive Benchmark Tactics to Measure Your Brand

Quick question: how does your brand’s social presence stack up against your competition? Because if you’re looking at little more than followers and Likes as a measuring stick, you might be in the dark. The reality? While these surface-level metrics can be valuable, they don’t tell the full story of your social presence. Think about […]

How to Work with Influencers and Celebrities on Social Media

Working with social media influencers, especially on Instagram, is a tried-and-true method that many brands and companies have worked into their marketing plans to increase their ROI, broaden their reach, and boost their reputations. Often, though, companies are unaware of how to begin working with social media influencers. Here, we’ll address strategies for reaching out and extending […]

6 Old School Marketing Tactics That Still Work on Social Media

It seems like everywhere we look there’s some new social media or marketing tactics being touted as the next big thing. As marketers and businesses, we’re constantly looking for ways to reach our audience in creative ways and so we often jump around from strategy to strategy – often leaving what used to work in the past. […]

3 Engaging Ways to Rethink Your Social Video Strategy

Vertical Video, Social Video, Live Video, Short Video, Square Video .. is it time to rethink your Social Video Strategy?  There are so many types of social video right now that it can be hard to know where to start.  In this post I break down some key ways to rethink your… // Read More […]

The Ultimate Social Media for Museums Guide

A challenge for every organization that grows a year older is how to stay relevant with the technology of today. Museums are a hotbed of content by definition. Social media for museums lets you digitize all of that for online consumption and visitor interaction. This will keep you at the top of followers’ minds. You […]

How Car Next Door Use Buffer to Build Trust on Social Media

Car Next Door is a car-sharing platform that enables customers to hire a vehicle from a community of local owners and its long-term objective is huge. In fact, when Kate Trumbull, the company’s communications director, told us their vision, we were kind of stunned: Our mission is to free people and the planet from the ‘one […]

10 Marketing Tools I Can’t Live Without

If you’re looking for some great marketing tools to use to grow your business this is the article for you!!! The marketing tech industry is incredibly competitive with so many great tools out there. Have a look at Product Hunt and you’ll see new marketing tools launched every day. I always had a passion for […]